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Another older one  
04:38pm 14/04/2007
This is one that was orginally created by Sky and my self
I revised it a bit and some major changes too, a removal of a name *ehem jack ass**

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location: wrk
mood: curiouscurious
music: weird old stuff
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New story  
02:22pm 14/04/2007
Ok behind the cut is my new one Riders, still rough i have to go over it like 50 times :)
oh yea, i am a lvl 25 yea go me slowly every so slowly working my way up to the top, and then a new top cap will be installed.
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location: Work
mood: creativecreative
music: Wide range
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GRand PRIx  
11:47pm 11/04/2007
It Lives :) :) :) :) The damaged wasnt that bad as i was first told, my uncle's friend was able to fix the car, :) I am happy to have it back. Looks new still dude is awesome :)

Work- good
me and the boy- good ;)

Bad: I almost ripped my real nail right off my finger, that sucks, dont ask ijust wacked in on a pannel and ripp sharp pain and yea that is not fun. :(

More bad the boy starts his evil shift, 4-12am while i worl 9a-6p but he says that he will see me more than he does now. I hope he is right. :) I might remember to update

Later plans... Oh Candi's Bday, that will be fun :)
Driving ash home from FL (but that is not till august) Bonus i might get to ropm around disney for free :O Yea that would be sweet but i do not find out till May,

The boy gets vacay in October, what we are doing is still up in the air, i get less time though :(

Oh Yea for those of you that dont know my brother is getting married, not till '09 (I think keeps changing)

OH yea almost for got i am a lvl 25 that is awesome for me :) you all have no idea :)
location: home
music: Radio
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Grand PRIX  
07:17pm 27/03/2007
Some stupid girl done smashed by back end up, now i have no bumper and that sux, didnt look that bad once i got out but the steel was mashed good like :( sniff sniff i liked that car :( Oh well its semi drivable i think we need to fix the one exaust pipe first it came off :(
Mikey is helping me check out new ones :) Me loves him lots :)
location: home
mood: blankblank
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11:32am 11/03/2007
Yea i am a 22, that is the most i have ever been hell you could add up all my others to get that number.
My Draeni Ileana she kicks ass :)
location: work
mood: amusedamused
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(no subject)  
11:12am 31/12/2006
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location: At work
mood: amusedamused
music: Frankies nails on the ground (its a dog)
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(no subject)  
10:46pm 12/12/2006
Good day gone bad...
Today was fun and i believe i did ok for my exAMS...
but when i got home i found poor stitch in the corner and he was gone :(

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new story  
02:52pm 12/11/2006
Go here and check it out!!

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(no subject)  
03:34pm 24/09/2006
Hey check out my fanfic stories
This one has 6 ch
this one only has 1
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(no subject)  
10:20pm 24/07/2006
Soon to be an EX kamrt empolyee i gots me a new job^-^ *does a happy dance^-^*
mood: chipperchipper
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