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12:41pm 22/12/2007
Bored at work up front, cold as usual, I am ready for fall asleep there has been only 3 ppls come in so far the gallery has been open for 2 hours. now we are email to find out what food we are going to eat

ART Trade/ comish:
My pals if you would like a piece, please let me know, Whether it be a trade or just a piece i did for you (or a character for a story) let me know, Something to make me draw would be good, i have an image in my head i want to get out but need to work on others first :) Joy


House has a new kitchen floor and fridge also some food. We now have phone cable and internet (however his evil laptop hates me and will not work for me it is evil i say)
Have most of my beading and some of my drawing shit over there i am taking over the back corner of the basement :) muhahahahha its mine all mine >:]
I need to bring more stuffis there, i have till nov to do so i have plenty of time i am just Monkish about stuf like that,

OH level 33 yep that is me wooo i might make it to seventy (soon eighty) before i hit that age my self.
Ileana- Manaroth (that is WOW- not Wide open West either its World of Warcraft)

Boy and i are good- he was tired this morning when i spoke to him (though he will deny it)

OH IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS yea the happiest time of the year

and becuase PWG is Retail (my ass) I have to work on the Eve :( OOOOOOOHHHH and we get to leave 2 hrs early, it is soooo stupid to be open ppl are either going to call and be stupidly drunk or screamers that they havent recieved their shit by now. Well too damn bad it aint comming tommorrow (ie x-mas day)


Lets see we had 10inches dumped on us the other day today it was raining, tomorrow who knows it could be 70 (ok like 50 but this time of year they feel the same)
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mood: sleepysleepy
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