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05:52pm 11/08/2007
Oh yea side not lvl 31 ^_^

BV HS update

An update attempt, I am just trying to get some thing down here… I have an hour to kill. Hope this is ok---- Again Akira owns them---

Veronica let Bulma pull her to the store they had on site.

“Just look at this, it is awesome!” Bulma proudly held up a pink button down shirt.
“Oh hell, I would kill you for that one.” Veronica looked at it a wrinkled her face.
“You did not see the back of it,” Bulma flipped it over and sprawled in big bold letters was “BADMAN” “Isn’t it awesome!” Bulma nearly squealed.
“I think blue is more his color,” She held up another shirt just a plan T-shirt.
“Oh no way, that is too boring.” Bulma waved her hand at the other “plain shirt”

The girls went back up to see if Vejita was awake.

“Jita,” Bulma nearly whispered, as she poked her head around the door. “Naw he is still out, lets go do something in the game room, leave him be for now.”

“Yea sounds good, might just leave him there probably wont know if you even-“ Bulma closed the door, and started to walk with her friend down the hall to the game room.
………………………I am skipping the rest of the night…………………………….

“*Groan*’” Vejita grunted his dislike for the noise he was hearing. “What the hell?” He could hear a radio but could not tell where it was coming from. He sat up and sunk in more, groaning again. He rubbed his eyes. “This is the woman’s room?” It was more of a question to himself. “What the hell,” he tossed the blanket off him and looked around, there were some clothes at the end of the bed near him, he saw the jeans picked them up and then is when he saw the shirt. “WHAT THE FUCK!” Needless to say Vejita was not happy with the selection.
He looked around the room saw that the bathroom is where the noise was coming from. He stomped over to the door. “WOMAN” He nearly took the door off the hinges.
“VVVVVVVVVEEEEJJJJJJJJJJJIIIIIIITTTA!” Bulma screamed, Vejita’s face went red. She was only half dressed for school; she had her skirt on but not her blouse. “GET OUT NOW!” She ran over and slammed the door shut.
“WOMAN!” remembering the hideous article of clothing in his had, “What the hell is this.” He said barging in again (You think she would lock the door ;P)
“It is a KAMI DAMN shirt now get out!”
“WHY the HELL would you think I would even be caught dead in this?”
“Vejita, out.”
“Fine, I guess I get to pick your shirt out.” Bulma’s eyes went wide, he was going for her closet.
“Surly you have something in there that is better than this.” He said with an eerie calm.
“NOOOOO!” She lunged at him forgetting she was only half dressed. He side stepped her. She turned and grabbed his arm. He spun her around picking her up her back to his front. “GRAAA that is soooooo annoying put me down.”
“Hun? I am sorry the pink has made me deaf. I guess I will have to find something else.” He was smirking now and she knew it.
“Oh stop that damn smirk of yours.”
“I might hear if I get a good color.” He looked around, Bulma rolled her eyes
“Man you are no fun.”
“Is that a yes,” She huffed again, “Good now find me some thing to wear.” He set her down in the closet, (a/n which if you don’t know is like a small home for some people, you could get lost)
Vejita tugged off the shirt from yesterday and tossed it on her bed, and grabbed the new jeans, dark blue almost black. Pulled yesterday’s off and put the new ones on.
“Jita, I don’t have boys clothes but you can wear one of these,” Bulma said after a few minuets. She tossed out of her closet, every girly pink shirt she could find
“That is it your dead.” Bulma squealed and ran for it. She ran behind her couch and around the table. Vejita launched him self over the couch and almost caught her. “Come here, you’re wearing plead and overhauls.”
“OH hell no I am not you have to catch me first.” She stuck her toung out at him.
“Who says I wont?” He jumped over the couch again as she ran by this time he caught her. “HA! I WIN Country bumpkin look for you.” HE said sitting on top of her pinning her arms down.
“Oh just try it and you will have matching pink pants shoes underware socks. Tomorrow for you.” She Looked at him.
“You wouldn’t dare?”
“Try me,” She cocked an eye brow. The door opened,

“Un-hun, nothing like that Z we would never do that! Yea right, what you two couldn’t wait till after school like the rest of your pals to do that.” Azita said, as she saw both their faces turn bright red.

“T…this is not…” Vejita started letting go of Bulma’s arms, but still sitting on her.
“Sure sure sure,” Azita rolled her eyes and tossed a blue button down shirt at Vejita. “Jeeze Jeets put some clothes on.”
He had forgot he didn’t have a shirt.
“B you too.”
“But… this…”
“Yea yea yea, heard that story before. Breakfast is downstairs per your mom. Hurry up Veronica is already down there.” Azita closed the door again.

“Now look what you did, had you-“ Vejita started still stitting on her.
“Oh just shut up and get off of me.” She tried to push him off of her.
“Ha like that will work.”
“Jita I will start to tickle you.” He nealy leaped off of her. “Help me up.”
“Oh hell no I fell for that trick once woman, aint going to happen again.”
“Jita, I am not going to tickle you now that you are off of me.”
“Fine.” He held his hand out for her, she grabbed it he pulled her up.
“See you lived.” He just glared at her.

“Like that works on me now, get real.” He tossed her one of the million pink shirts she threw at him earlier.
“Put some clothes on.” He smirked.
“Jita jerk.”
“Oh that is orginal.”
“Asshole,” She stomped her foot and spun around twisting her ankle. “Ouch, Damn it.” Vejita threw his shirt on
“Woman you are sooo weak.”
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