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03:46pm 26/05/2007
BOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRREeeeed and cold it is always cold up here! At work at the front desk, my man should be on his way to work, boy does that suck, he gave me a heart attack yesterday didnt answer me all day. Told me to at least send me a text! but that is over with i saw POTC III yea SPARROW!!! m' fave :) also saw SHRECK 3 too funny i liked it, i dont care i you dont likey i do. I finally got to see Rae Rae the other day, it was good to see her but weird to see her and MEl not together- mel was lets just say weird that day or night i should say. I think Matt is having a party at his house that is what candi said. I miss my mikey :( i saw him what sunday was the last day, no monday, and ohhh he played wow and i slept so that doesnt even count at all.

But all and all it is going pretty good, i know what i got momie for her bday, i know what i will be getting dan now i just gotta worrie aobut dad :) Its not 6 yet that means i am stuck here :( i want sleep. I will have to call Mikey and see if i have to go to church tomorrow with him, probably not. I am in a sour mood, lonley mood. did i mention being a girl sucks majorly. I think that has to do with my mood mostly, stupid hormones i hate them.

Oh man do i have to update my DA but again my lazy ass does not:P
location: work
mood: crushedcrushed
music: vents
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