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02:09pm 10/11/2008
Well all it is official, I am now married :)
Some pictures for you here:
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Went to get ring sodered today weeeeeee now new name as well :) more picks as i get them :)
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12:08pm 31/05/2008
Well- wedding plans were going smoothly untill someone's parents decided to have a bitch fit (and no not mine they kno better) I wont go in to that because i will get all worked up but other than that the plans are going quite smoothly.

WOOT i am a lvl 35 shammy on a different server Earthin ring or something stupid like that. I dunno- Ash and i Vow not to start new ones untill these two hit 70 :)

as usual i am at work- bored out of my mind looking back at old entries- Oh yea wedding is this Nov not in '09

I am going to the movies with Candi after work but it will take me about and 1 and 1/2 to get hom STUPID construction- I HATE CONSTRUCTION! A lot i do.


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New Pup again?  
06:49pm 24/04/2008
Yeppers the last entry was my mommies pup now named Bandit- but Mike and i have a new lil fella named Ramsey Vet thinks he is a Chow Husky mix so who knows how big he will get. that is all for now:)
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New pup  
10:29pm 20/02/2008

We have a new pup- his name is Kaline- if you have to ask where the hell we came up with that name think '84 tigers :) A good year if i do say so my self :)

IF that does help you well you are shit outta luck...

If you want to see him just go to my myspace you can see him there he is sooo cute :)
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(no subject)  
07:39pm 11/01/2008
Random update...

For those of you who do not know shortly after christmas we lost our Puppster "Sparky" He was only 7 years old we had to put the poor fellow down due to several complications and a few thousdand dollars later. It hit mom the most out of all of us since she was with him the most of all he was her little buddy.

Currently I am looking around to find a new pal for her i think i may have a new friend.

house is going good we keep getting more and more in it every day... :)
Job is well a job borning right now i am up front :)

Today sucks since i have to let every one the door is auto locking itsself and no one can fix it here joy lucky me.

Ohh pissed off the soon to be SIL- how not really sure one that one *eh shrugs should* when dont i piss her off .

Ash is good
Candi is candi- good
Rae havent seen in a bit
Jenni either.

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12:41pm 22/12/2007
Bored at work up front, cold as usual, I am ready for fall asleep there has been only 3 ppls come in so far the gallery has been open for 2 hours. now we are email to find out what food we are going to eat

ART Trade/ comish:
My pals if you would like a piece, please let me know, Whether it be a trade or just a piece i did for you (or a character for a story) let me know, Something to make me draw would be good, i have an image in my head i want to get out but need to work on others first :) Joy


House has a new kitchen floor and fridge also some food. We now have phone cable and internet (however his evil laptop hates me and will not work for me it is evil i say)
Have most of my beading and some of my drawing shit over there i am taking over the back corner of the basement :) muhahahahha its mine all mine >:]
I need to bring more stuffis there, i have till nov to do so i have plenty of time i am just Monkish about stuf like that,

OH level 33 yep that is me wooo i might make it to seventy (soon eighty) before i hit that age my self.
Ileana- Manaroth (that is WOW- not Wide open West either its World of Warcraft)

Boy and i are good- he was tired this morning when i spoke to him (though he will deny it)

OH IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS yea the happiest time of the year

and becuase PWG is Retail (my ass) I have to work on the Eve :( OOOOOOOHHHH and we get to leave 2 hrs early, it is soooo stupid to be open ppl are either going to call and be stupidly drunk or screamers that they havent recieved their shit by now. Well too damn bad it aint comming tommorrow (ie x-mas day)


Lets see we had 10inches dumped on us the other day today it was raining, tomorrow who knows it could be 70 (ok like 50 but this time of year they feel the same)
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12:40pm 25/08/2007
Bored again, Head going to explode, I HATE ALLERGIES AND SINUS' they totally suck, going to hopefully see my man after work. Candi wants to go to a movie as well.

RENFEST tomorrow YEA I have to remind ashley or she will forget :) weee dressing up. Gotta love it :)

last night was a girls night out. It was fun :) uh what else Mikey and i picked out our colors :) here is the shocker Green-blue and silver Yea what a supirse. It will be in Nov' of '09.

Ok one thing everyone should know auctioneers are really, really, really annoying. FYI oh and loud.

booorrrred out of my mind and cold its always cold up here temps regulated for the paintings yea-

OH and stupid macomb mall never called me when my top came in bastards, so i have to go there to see if they ever got it in, hopefully they did not sell it *cross fingers*

Oh DISNEY was fun, hot and muggy but awesome. Mae didnt die while we were down there so we did good. LONG ass drive back home i only drove 2 hours out of 20 ash did the rest. I was glad i got to go down there. Sad i wont vacay with my love :(

Oh i get to go camping wiht Matt Candi and Di +friend
It will be cold or really hot but its up norht near alpena so it will be fun.
Mikey might get to go i hope so

My head going to blow up nad look looks like rain again... hopefully the power stays up today :) yea doesnt look that bad now. but i sill have till 6 to be here it is mich and it could just start snowing. Eh its all good. :) Ok i need a really long nap like a week.

Oh i forgot to bitch on how stupid our work is. Yesterday get here power is out, so we are sent home, they say work at wixcom or vacay day if you have ne or just go home and not get paid. Me voted just to go home. mind you this is at 9 am. So I do errins go home play a little wow got bored called ash on my way what does stupid me do answer my phone, boss lady mary was like we need to go back, the big man is freaking out no one is on the phones. So at 2:30 i head back get there around 3, stay till 6 that is pretty much going to cover my gas and that is it. that totally sucks.

Oh well i will learn not to answer that phone now will I.
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(no subject)  
05:52pm 11/08/2007
Oh yea side not lvl 31 ^_^

BV HS update
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Oh happy ness  
12:07am 08/08/2007

I dont know who the hell reads this anymore seems like this was long forgotten in the wind oh well

My love and I are now offically engaged :)
I am happy, :)
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(no subject)  
03:46pm 26/05/2007
BOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRREeeeed and cold it is always cold up here! At work at the front desk, my man should be on his way to work, boy does that suck, he gave me a heart attack yesterday didnt answer me all day. Told me to at least send me a text! but that is over with i saw POTC III yea SPARROW!!! m' fave :) also saw SHRECK 3 too funny i liked it, i dont care i you dont likey i do. I finally got to see Rae Rae the other day, it was good to see her but weird to see her and MEl not together- mel was lets just say weird that day or night i should say. I think Matt is having a party at his house that is what candi said. I miss my mikey :( i saw him what sunday was the last day, no monday, and ohhh he played wow and i slept so that doesnt even count at all.

But all and all it is going pretty good, i know what i got momie for her bday, i know what i will be getting dan now i just gotta worrie aobut dad :) Its not 6 yet that means i am stuck here :( i want sleep. I will have to call Mikey and see if i have to go to church tomorrow with him, probably not. I am in a sour mood, lonley mood. did i mention being a girl sucks majorly. I think that has to do with my mood mostly, stupid hormones i hate them.

Oh man do i have to update my DA but again my lazy ass does not:P
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